Moore's Old Pine Inn and Old West Town


Staying with us takes you back in time, but making reservations is thoroughly modern. Click here to see which rooms are availabile, or call us toll free at 800-887-4565. To learn more about each room, click the links below.

Rooms at the Old Pine Inn

Hitchin’ Post Suite (learn more...) $145
Miners Suite (learn more...) $105
Indian Suite (learn more...) $105
Betsy Ross Room (learn more...) $75
Hunters Lodge (learn more...) $75
Fishin’ Hole Room (learn more...) $75
Zane Grey Room (learn more...) $75

Old West Town Cabins

Gold Gulch (learn more...)      $100
Cottonwood Cabin (learn more...) $100
Sheriff’s Office/Jail (learn more...) $100
Piute Press Newspaper Office (learn more...) $100
Marysvale Cash Store (learn more...) $100
Fallen Dove Brothel (learn more...) $100
TNT Blasting Co. (learn more...) $100
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